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by Clint on October 11th 2013

A couple of new features have been added to

Push Tag

You can now tag devices that are made for use with Ableton Push. More and more people are creating custom devices that extend or change the default behavior of the Push hardware. Use of this new tag makes it easy to get a view of everything you might want to try with your Push. If you posted a device already for use with push, please login and edit your device and add the push tag.

Here's what we have so far!

User Profile Pages

It has been a long standing requests for users to be able to contact each other directly on the site. I get emails often from users asking if I can give them the email address of a particular user because they have questions about a device and aren't getting a response by commenting on it. Due to my privacy privacy, I do not share the email addresses you use on with anyone for any reason. With the new profile page, you can choose to enter in your Facebook profile, Twitter account, or Soundcloud account (or your web site). Not only does this allow people to contact you if they want, it also helps grow your fan base and social network of friends or followers with a similar interest in max for live. I know already we have 14 people who have added this info about themselves and I've followed those links and discovered new music. You can also add a description about yourself to attract people to your social media profiles. Just please make sure you adhere to the Terms and Conditions of the site found at

In a nutshell, what you put in your user profile page cannot contain inflammatory language that discriminates based on race, gender, religion, age, or sexual orientation. It also cannot contain sexually explicit, violent, or otherwise obscene material. Don't link to any thing in the URL or profile fields that is not specifically about your music or otherwise creative works. Post a link to something not about you and your work and I'll have to disable your account. :/

You can find your profile page using the following URL format: For example, this is mine:

Outside of this direct URL, you can also access a users profile page by simply clicking their name in a comment, or on the device details page of a device they posted. Want more people to find your profile page? Post more devices or comments. :-D

Another feature of the profile page is it allows you to easily view a list of all devices by a particular user. Device developers, for example, can now link to a single page to promote all of their devices. Hooray! If you're looking at your own profile page, you can also edit, update, or delete your own devices all from that one view. Hooray!

To get started, login, click profile, then edit profile. Fill in your stuff, then hit save.

Report any bugs in the comments of this blog below or feel free to make additional suggestions for how to make this feature more valuable.

Update: I also added a list of the most recent 20 users to login that have updated something in their user profile to the main index page at From there you can also click to "View All Profiles". That should provide a quick way to check out the profiles (and follow the links!) of users as they fill this out.

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