by Clint on March 10th 2010

So, I have not been posting nearly as much to this blog as I had hoped.


Well. I have been testing Max for live in beta for months and it is now finally released.

Part of my involvement has been to build to create and maintain a user community of people using this software to share what they create.

It has been a massive time commitment. I have spent at least a solid month of any spare time I have working on this. (and messing with Max for Live of course!)

There has been synnack activity. New T-FAKTOR remix coming. Much mastering and design work for Freeze Etch and T-Faktor releases on Force of Nature. And continued work on v2.5 and the new DVD.

But for the most part, has taken all my time. Max for Live is just that amazing.

v2.5 still planned for release in 2009. Stay tuned for more on that.

In the mean time, check out to see why I am so behind... heh.

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